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The Puglia in Rosé
Association is the first wine producers association dedicated to Apulian Rosè wines.

The association, which has its roots in Bari, has the aim to share the path, together with Apulian wineries and commercial and institutional partners, for the enhancement of the Apulian Rosè wine.

With the latest trends showing a worldwide increase in production and consumption levels, Rosè wine represents an excellence in wine making, and the Apulia region appears to have the perfect conditions for it, producing most of the national (Italian) rosè as well as pleasing palates around the world.

In view of this vocation and the development policies of the region, the Puglia in Rosé Association is responsible for the organisation of events and the creation of promotional and commercial activities ( both in national and international markets) for the wine sector and in particular for the regional rosè wine.

Every activity, action and event is supported by the creation of promotional material of the Puglia in Rosé brand, which represents an important showcase aimed at creating synergies between wineries, institutions and a wide audience of professionals, beginners and enthusiasts.

What we do

Organisation of big events

International Events

Promotion campaigns

Publishing projects

Our mission

Enhance the cultural heritage as well as traditions and flavours of a region, Apulia, always generous with those who are loyal to it: from this assumption the desire to promote and qualify Apulian Rosè as a true regional and national wine excellence, a product which represents the authenticity and obstinacy of a territory that does not surrender to prejudices.

The Puglia in Rosé Association provides a series of measures to support the regional wine industry, through the conception, implementation, and coordination of events, conferences, publications, tastings and national and international economic projects.

The “Puglia in Rosé” brand aims to strengthen the identity of the wine sector, and in particular, the one of Rosè wine, emphasizing the potential in economic terms, promoting the territory and supporting the interaction between the main actors of the industry.

The Objectives are:

  • to recognise Apulian Rosè wines as a Made in Italy excellence;
  • to enhance culture and prestige creating economic development prospects for the Apulian Rosè wine;
  • to promote international business opportunities for Apulian operators;
  • to boost the ‘Apulia’ brand during international promotional activities.

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